Friday, December 21, 2012

A Promise To My Children...

I came across a saying, titled "A Promise to my Children" on the internet. As I read it, I couldn't help but feel like the author fell short. The intentions were good, I suppose, but the message is not something that I would feel comfortable conveying to MY child or children. I decided to take the popular "promise" and alter it a bit. Here it is, in its original state:

And this is what I disagree with in this saying:
1.) Why can't you be a parent AND a friend? Why do those titles need to be prioritized? Parenting is not mutually exclusive of friendship, in my mind.
2.) There are MANY ways to show a child that you love and care for them. Stalking him, flipping out on him, lecturing him, driving him insane and hunting him down like a bloodhound aren't exactly any of the verbs that come to my mind when I think about how to convey my love to my child.
3.) I can think of a whole bunch of ways that my child can convince me he has become a responsible adult. Understanding that I will be his worst nightmare isn't one of those ways.
4.) I will consider myself a failure if, at ANY time, my child mutters under his breath or out loud that he "hates" me. I cannot think of a worse way to evaluate my parenting skills than on the basis of my child stating that he hates me.
Do I think that children need to respect their parents? Absolutely. Do I want my child to become a responsible adult? You betcha. Is there anyone else on this earth who will love and care for my child as much as I do? Besides his daddy, probably not. So here is my "better" version of this saying. It is one that I will do my best to live by. And it is something that I will feel comfortable and proud to share with my child.
 For as long as I live, I will always be your parent as well as your friend.
I will respect you, listen to you, encourage you, have fun with you,
be your biggest supporter and be available to your needs whenever I have to,
because I love you.  I know that through my modeling of love,
empathy and mutual trust, you will become a caring, empathetic, secure adult.
You will never find anyone else in your life who loves you, cares about you,
and worries about your well being as much as your daddy and I do.
As long as I am able to tell you and show you how much 
I love you every day, I will know that I am doing my job
as your mama properly.

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  1. Your and idiot! Get over yourself. Every thing you said was so stupid. I'm laughing at the person that negatively commented on this awesome expression of love for their children. Get a life loser.